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In this section you will find all the information about our website, tools and how to use it.

Do I have to pay to register?

No. Is free to register. By doing so you can save and quote your favourites images.

Why register?

Registering in our website will allow you fully usage of our tools developed to facilitate your work.

How do I register?

Select the Register option on the menu and fill out the form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.


There are 2 ways of searching:

Type in the keyword that you wish to search and confirm. The search results will soon appear, mentioning the search terms and the number of images found. You can choose the number of pictures you want to be shown on each page, and see your search through thumbnails or larger size pictures, with all tags of each images.


If you know the identification code of the image you wish to see, all you need to do is type in the code in the right field and confirm. If you type in the wrong code, the system will show you an error message.


We created a categorie selection to make your searches easier. Mouse over them and the categories will appear. Click on them and the related pictures will appear.
When you select the wider term of the category, the search results will be all the images related. When you choose a subdivision, however, you will get more specified results.
For example, if you click on “nature – national parks” you will see all the images related to national parks. But if you choose “nature – national parks – National Park of Iguacu (PR) you will see only pictures of this park.

Advanced Search

This section allows you to make more refined searches. We make available several search tools that combined can lead to more specific results.
Using the “and” option, you can make a search by the addition of 2 or more terms. For example: soy “and” harvest – the results will show only pictures of soy harvesting, and no pictures of general harvesting or soy beans.
If you choose, for example, the “does not contain the word” option, you can search like soy “does not contain the word” harvest. And the results will show you all soy pictures, but none of soy harvesting.
You can also combine subject and author, so you can see only the pictures of one author about that subject.
If you choose only the author, you will see all pictures from that photographer.
You can also search by picture orientation, vertical or horizontal.
You can use all the fields by themselves or combined – the way you use the fields will determine the results of the search.

Search by State

Inside Advanced Search you can find a map of Brazil divided in states. A mouse over each state highlights it. Every state you click opens all categories related to that area enabling you to filter your search by the region of interest.

Search results

When you make a search, the next page will show you the number of pictures found by the term you searched. On the top right corner, you can choose the number of pictures you want to see per page.
The magnifying icon will open a small preview of the image. To add images to your folder you can mouse-over the lamp icon and select the folder you want. Clicking on an image the picture will open for a larger preview, and the main information about it will be listed. Some information link to other searches.
At the page footer, you will see the number of pages of your search. The number shown in bold refers to the page you are currently in. Click on the numbers or “next” to browse all results.

Image details

When you see a larger image, you will also see the id information of the image. The basic information of each photo is: identification code, main subject, author, city, state or country and date.
The “Categories” are links to other searches inside our website. “Keywords” are Tags that can be searched crossing the words to produce new results.

There are also other tools:

You can save the selected photo, in low resolution, to your computer. Please note that the use of this picture should obey copyright laws.

Add to my images
Clicking this button your image will be sent to the “my images” section, where you can make and save selections. Click here and know more about “my images”

Send by e-mail
You can send the picture to one or more e-mails. Fill in the blanks with your name and address so the sender may be identified. If you wish to add any text to go with the picture, write on the “comments” field.

When you click this button you will send your picture for a price estimate. Click here to know more about the “quotation” section.

This feature allows you to download the image in high resolution directly from the site. To be able to use this tool you should make your registration. Based on the informations provided in the registration Pulsar will release your access, determining the number of photos per day that your company can download. It is important to clarify that all photos downloaded will be charged.
Once your authorized the procedure will be:
1) Do a search using the code of the picture or keyword;
2) Click on the picture chosen;
3) On the bottom bar of the enlarged photo, click on the button DOWNLOAD;
4) Select the desired option: Download (High-resolution) or Layout;
5) Fill out required fields.

For Download (High-resolution) you must click "ACCEPT". At that moment you confirm your interest in downloading, you are also assuming your commitment to purchase;

6) Save the photo on your computer.

- Next/Previous
You can also navigate in your search results by clicking next or back on the larger image. You will see the last and next images of the search, larger and with full information. You can browse through your entire search like this.

My images

“My Images” is the section where you can save your own image selections, so you have your own working place inside our site. Under each larger image there is a link “add” – it will send your image to a folder created and named by you.
The “my images” section allows you to see all your selections and quote them, send folders by e-mail, modify your register data, delete images and more.
To access “My Images” you need to be a registered user.

Create new
Clicking here you can create a new folder to save your images. Just name it and click on create folder, and your folder will be ready to receive pictures selected by you.

Use this to rename an existing folder. Simply select the folder you wish to rename, click on the button “rename” and type in the new name. Click on “rename” again and your folder will show up with the new name. Its content will remain the same.

In case you need to unite two or more folders, select the folders and click “merge”. Give a name to this new folder and confirm, clicking on “merge” at the pop-up. The new folder created will contain the images of the folders you selected to mix. The original folders will still appear on your list, so you can organize your images in several different ways without losing your original search.
You can also use this tool to duplicate a folder. Just select the folder you need to duplicate, click on “merge” and give it a new name. Finally, click on “merge” to confirm.

To delete a folder, just click on delete. It will be removed from your folders list.


Click on the folder you wish to quote and select the “quotation” option. The folder will be forwarded to the price quotation area. If you need more information about this feature, check the “Quotation” section of this FAQ.

Send folder by e-mail
This tool allows you to send a folder by e-mail to someone else. Select the folder you wish to send and click on “send folder by e-mail”. A pop-up will appear where you can type in your name and e-mail address. Next, type in the e-mail address you wish to send the folder to. If you wish, you can also fill the field “copy to” and send a copy of the folder for a third party. Fill in the field “comments” if you would like to send a text with the folder. Finally, click on “send”.


When you open this folder, you will see the images you selected for quotation. Before asking for the final quote, you can delete any image by selecting it and clicking on “delete”.
When you click on “quote”, a new window will pop-up, where you should inform how you will use the selected images – the more specific you can be, the more objective the quote will be. Finally, specify if the product distribution will be national or international.


You need to fill in all the fields of this area in order to use all the tools of the site. Keep you password somewhere safe, you will need it to access the site features. All the information required will never be used for other purposes than the administration of this site.

To change your registration details you have to log in and click in Register. Change the desired fields and select “Update”.


These terms and conditions of use ("Terms") constitute a legal agreement between you and PULSAR IMAGENS LTDA (“Pulsar Imagens). Your use of this Site constitutes your acceptance of the Terms. If you do not agree with the Terms, please do not use this Site.

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The image identification and descriptions you find on this site are responsibility of the authors; Pulsar Imagens are only responsible for their reproduction.

Digital images may come in several dimensions, and some may not be indicated for some types of media. Please consult us before using the images.

We don't work with royalty-free images.

Pulsar Imagens cannot be held responsible for any law suit, losses, expenses, costs or damages that may result from the use of any of our images.

If you have any doubts, please contact us.