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Como funciona o nosso banco de imagens

how it works

Pesquise fotografias e vídeos

Searching our website can be done through keywords, categories, photographers or by state. After your search is complete you can visualize your resulted gallery. Clicking on a media will open a new screen where you can see it in a larger size.
From this point on, you can send images or videos by e-mail, request a quotation, save them in your computer or add to your accountís folders, in My Folders.

Selecione fotos e vídeos

All content that you are interested in can be saved in your personal account. You have to click the button "Add to My Folder" and select the folder you want the file to be saved. This way you can organize and view your gallery anytime you login.

Faça a cotação

To license on-line add any media to your shopping cart. Before proceeding to checkout you will be requested to provide details regarding the final usage of the image. The licensing price will be based on the information you provide. You can include more images to the cart using different descriptions.

Pronto! É só utilizar as imagens

When you receive a reply from our commercial department about your quotation you are able to download the high-resolution file and use it.